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COVID-19: Back to the workplace - Adapting workplaces and protecting workers

EU guidance for a safe return to the workplace

These non-binding guidelines aim to help employers and workers to stay safe and healthy in a working environment that has changed significantly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They give advice on:

  • Risk assessment and appropriate measures
    • minimising exposure to COVID-19
    • resuming work after a period of closure
    • coping with a high rate of absence
    • managing workers working from home
  • Involving workers
  • Taking care of workers who have been ill
  • Planning and learning for the future
  • Staying well informed
  • Information for sectors and occupations

The guidelines include examples of general measures, which depending on the particular work situation, can help employers achieve an appropriate safe and healthy work environment when resuming activities.

This document provides links to relevant information from EU-OSHA and includes a list of resources from various providers that target different industries and jobs at the end. Please note that the information in this guidance does not cover the healthcare setting, for which specific advice is available (e.g. from ECDC, WHO, CDC).

For any specific questions or worries not addressed in this document, refer to information from the local authorities, such as the health service or the labour inspectorate.Read more


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