How to add an article to OSHWiki

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There are two main ways to create a new article:

  1. By adding a link from another article to the article you want to create
  2. By searching for the name of the article you want to create

Adding a red link

To add a new link you first edit an existing page and use the usual markup for a link:

[[My New Article]]

When you save the page you will see the link as a Red link:

Click on the link and edit the page. When you save your changes the new page will be visible to others.

Adding by searching

Another approach is to use the search box to search for the article you want to create. This will take you to the search results page. Above the results there will be the option to create a new page by that name:

Create the page "My New Article" on this wiki!

You can follow this link to create a new page.