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Welcome to OSHwiki
OSHwiki has been developed by EU-OSHA, to enable the sharing of occupational safety and health (OSH) knowledge, information and best practices, in order to support government, industry and employee organisations in ensuring safety and health at the workplace.

OSHwiki aims to be an authoritative source of information that is easily updated, edited or translated and reaches beyond the OSH community.

What is OSHwiki

OSHwiki is based on the wiki concept (see Wikipedia) of developing an online encyclopeadia where users collaborate to create and share knowledge. The OSHwiki community has already created a large a variety of articles.

Why should I join?

  • Professional benefit - By commenting and building upon original articles, you will be involved in knowledge development.
  • Personal benefit - You will gain recognition in the OSH community through the content you produce; you can demonstrate your expertise on a particular OSH topic.
  • Networking - You can contribute and debate new content on specific topics, connecting you with other authors.
  • Synergy - You can link your contributions to OSHwiki with your other tasks, or those of your institute. Or you can re-use the content you produce for other purposes.
  • Worldwide reach - Oshwiki is a global OSH community with a platform that works in all languages.
How can I get involved
To ensure that information is current and compliant with principles of reliability and verifiability OSHwiki articles can only be created and edited by "Accredited Authors". If you belong to a recognised OSH professional or scientific organisation and would like to join, please fill in this form File:Author registration.pdf (save as link to download onto your hard drive) and send it to

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Organisational measures of accident prevention

Occupational risks assessment and taking action to protect workers’ safety and health is an obligation of each employer. There are numerous measures considered as relevant for accident prevention, e.g. design and use of more safe equipment and technologies or replacing dangerous equipment and products by non-dangerous or less dangerous ones, improvement of working environment, use and maintenance of personal protective equipment, management and staff training, improvement of communication, etc. This article focuses on the common organisational measures of accident prevention (such as work organisation, consultation, information and training, occupational safety and health management, etc.), which should be or could be applied in each company.
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