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OSH: Health care accessHealth care evaluationHealth care facilityHealth educationHealth insuranceHealth monitoring and screeningHealth promotion programsHealth surveillanceHealth surveysHealthy eatingHealthy life-style
NACE: Crop and animal productionForestry and loggingFishing and aquacultureMining of coal and ligniteExtraction of crude petroleum and natural gasMining of metal oresOther mining and quarryingManufacture of food productsManufacture of beveragesManufacture of tobacco productsManufacture of textilesManufacture of wearing apparelManufacture of leather and related productsManufacture of wood and of products of wood and corkManufacture of paper and paper productsPrinting and reproduction of recorded mediaManufacture of coke and refined petroleum productsManufacture of chemicals and chemical productsManufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparationsManufacture of rubber and plastic productsManufacture of other non-metallic mineral productsManufacture of basic metalsManufacture of fabricated metal productsManufacture of computerManufacture of electrical equipmentManufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.Manufacture of motor vehiclesManufacture of other transport equipmentManufacture of furnitureOther manufacturingRepair and installation of machinery and equipmentElectricityWater collectionSewerageWaste collectionOFFICE CLERKSCivil engineering