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OSH: Control measuresCodes of practiceExposure routesNanoscale materialsNanoparticles
NACE: Growing of non-perennial cropsGrowing of perennial cropsAnimal productionMixed farmingSupport activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activitiesFishingAquacultureManufacture of textilesManufacture of wearing apparelManufacture of leather and related productsManufacture of basic chemicalsManufacture of pesticides and other agrochemical productsManufacture of paintsManufacture of soap and detergentsManufacture of perfumes and toilet preparationsManufacture of explosivesManufacture of gluesManufacture of man-made fibresManufacture of basic pharmaceutical productsManufacture of pharmaceutical preparationsManufacture of rubber and plastic productsManufacture and processing of other glassManufacture of clay building materialsManufacture of other porcelain and ceramic productsManufacture of cementManufacture of articles of concreteManufacture of concrete products for construction purposesForgingTreatment and coating of metalsManufacture of computerManufacture of electrical equipmentManufacture of domestic appliancesManufacture of general-purpose machineryManufacture of motor vehiclesManufacture of other transport equipmentManufacture of furnitureManufacture of medical and dental instruments and suppliesRepair and installation of machinery and equipmentWaste collectionDismantling of wrecksOFFICE CLERKSCivil engineeringDemolition and site preparationElectricalBuilding completion and finishingRoofing activitiesMaintenance and repair of motor vehiclesSaleDispensing chemist in specialised storesRetail sale of medical and orthopaedic goods in specialised storesRetail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised storesTechnical testing and analysisResearch and experimental development on natural sciences and engineeringCleaning activitiesHospital activitiesMedical and dental practice activitiesResidential care activitiesRepair of computers and personal and household goodsHairdressing and other beauty treatment