Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité (French Research and Safety Institute for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases)

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The French Research and Safety Institute for the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases (INRS) is a non-profit organisation, subject to State financial supervision, and created in 1947 under the aegis of Social Security.

INRS is managed by a joint board of directors representing employers and employee trade unions. Its budget - about 85 million Euros - comes almost entirely from the National Fund for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases. This fund is provisioned by a share of the occupational accident and disease contributions paid by firms, and managed by Social Security.

Its activities are programmed in accordance with directives from Social Security (French National Health Insurance Fund for Salaried Workers - CNAMTS) and policies defined by the Ministry in charge of Labour. The INRS operates on behalf of the employees and companies coming under the general Social Security scheme (compulsory social insurance for industry, trade and services). INRS does not cover among others the public sector, agriculture sector, and mining sectors.

INRS provides its competence to other prevention partners such as national and regional Social Security prevention services, companies' occupational health services, Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees (CHSCTs in enterprises) and employees themselves.

INRS has four complementary means of actions: it conducts studies and research in a wide variety of areas, it offers a wide range of training activities, it develops and disseminates information relevant to occupational safety and health and its experts provide technical, legal, medical and documentary assistance.

INRS has a mission to collect, develop and disseminate information using different types of media such as brochures, posters, periodicals, audiovisual and multimedia products as well as a website. INRS’s offer, which includes over 2,000 information products covering all fields related to occupational health and safety, is intended for companies and their employees, researchers, occupational physicians, the Labour Inspectorate, etc.

Raising the awareness of a wide audience is also part of INRS’s activities.

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