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OSHwiki – Editing Guidelines

Adding an article

Enter the title of the page into the search box, search and then click on the red link to create the article.

To categorise an article, write the category between square brackets at the end of the article:

[[Category: Work Organisation]]

Editing Articles

Three separate forms can be used to edit an article which you will find in the tabs at the top of each page:


Most of the time you will use the "edit" option. This is a user friendly editor that lets you edit the article without the need to learn any special wikitext markup.

When you first create an article, you are encouraged to add metadata such as a description, and OSH codes. You can return to this form at any stage, if you wish to change the metadata on an article by using the "edit with form" tab.

The final option is to use the "edit source" tab, which is a useful option for people who are already familiar with wikitext, as used on Wikipedia. This is an advanced feature, and you can safely ignore it.

edit with form – editing the metadata

You should try to add relevant metadata to make the article content more valuable. Some of these fields are used for search engine optimisation, and others are used within to wiki to make it easier to discover related content, for example to create dynamic listings based on the OSH codes.

Canonical page

This is used for translation. If you're translating another page, then enter the title of that page here, otherwise use the title of the current page.

Title, Keywords, Description

These are used for search engine optimisation.

OSH and NACE codes

These codes are used to categorise the content on the wiki. It's worth spending time selecting appropriate codes for each article. These are hierarchical and can be used to search for articles and also to embed and list articles in other articles dynamically.

edit – controlling how it looks (WYSIWYG)

The Visual Editor lets you see what your changes will look like immediately. In the menu at the top you will find text formatting options as well as helpful tools to insert images, tables, references and citations.


Change the text format

Highlight the text and then select the format from the drop down:


Bold, italic, etc.


Bullet points, numbered lists:


Special characters:


Edit links

Select the text you want to use as a link and click on the link icon in the menu. Internal or external links can be used.

Link to an article in the wiki:


Link to an external page:


Use citations

Citations can be added and re-used:


If you'd like to re-use an existing reference, click the button "Use an existing reference" and then you will be able to search and select one:


You don't need to enter a number for the citation, they will be assigned in the order that the citations are added. If you'd like to group citations by adding a prefix to the number you can enter the prefix into the "Use this group" field, or select an existing group. The group can also be used in the references list (see below).

Here's an example of a citation group "Employers":


Use the insert menu to display a reference list of the citations from the current page:


The list of references will appear on the page and can be edited by clicking on that area:


You can adjust the group that is used for the references list by clicking the edit button:



A new table can be added via the Insert menu:


By default a 4x4 table is created:


To edit the table content, double click on a cell:


To add or remove columns or rows, use the arrows to the top and the side:


Images and Files

Before you can insert an image, you need to upload it using the sidebar, this will take you away from editing the article, so you may want to upload all the images you require in a separate tab, or before you edit the article:


This will take you to separate page where you select the image you want to upload:


After uploading the image, you can return to the article. Use "insert -> media" from the menu to select the image:


Click on the image you want to insert into the article.

Figure1 Construction of an industrial safety helmet.jpg

Click on the image to open the edit options:


You can adjust the position and size of the image and also add borders:


Add a gallery

A gallery allows you to present a selection of images in one area, showing thumnails which link to the larger images. To add one, select "More" and then "Gallery" from the insert menu:


Configure the gallery as indicated, but using the image file name and caption:


This produces a gallery:

Link to a file

You can upload a file to the wiki in the same way as an image, using the sidebar:


Add a link to it, using the link button in the sidebar and by searching for the name:


edit source

You can also edit the wiki text source directly via the "edit source" tab.

Icon Function How to edit What it looks like Comments
File:Button bold.png Bold '''abc''' abc These are not quotation marks. Type three apostrophes.
Button italic.png Italic ''abc'' abc These are not quotation marks. Type two apostrophes.
- Bold italics '''''abc''''' abc These are not quotation marks. Type five apostrophes.
- Strike out <strike>abc</strike> abc
- Underline <u>abc</u> abc
- Delete <del>abc</del> abc
- Insert <ins>abc</ins> abc
- Subscript X<sub>2</sub> X2
- Superscript X<sup>2</sup> X2
Button math.png Mathematical formula <math>abc</math> <math>abc</math> Mathematical formulas often use italics, and sometimes use bold, for reasons unrelated to emphasis. Complex formulas should use the <math> function, and simple formulas may use <math>; or and '.

Organising your writing –sections, paragraphs, lists and lines

Icon Function How to edit Comments
Button headline.png New title == abc == Equivalent to Title 1 in Word. By marking it as a title it will automatically appear in the contents box of the article.
New subtitle === abc === Equivalent to Title 2 in Word. By marking it as a title it will automatically appear in the contents box of the article.
New Sub-subtitle ==== abc ==== Equivalent to Title 3 in Word. By marking it as a title it will automatically appear in the contents box of the article.
Paragraph Empty line Leave an empty line where you want a new paragraph.
Break lines <br>

You can break lines
without starting a new paragraph

Unordered lists


  • Unordered lists are easy to do:
    • start every line with a star
      • the more stars means deeper levels
Numbered lists

# Numbered lists are also good
## very organised
## easy to follow
# A new line
# in a list

  1. Numbered lists are also good
    1. very organised
    2. easy to follow
  2. A new line
  3. in a list
Mixed lists

* You can even do mixed lists
*# and nest them
*#* into lists

  • You can even do mixed lists
    1. and nest them
      • into lists
Button hr.png Horizontal line ----

Inserting Links and URLs

Icon Function How to edit What it looks like Comments
Button link.png

Internal link
In italics





Allows a link to other articles within the wiki. The name in the function should be exactly the same name as the article.
Button extlink.png External link [http://abc.com ABC] ABC

Allows a link to external webpages. Add the link, a space and the name that you would like to appear as anchor text.

Inserting Images and files

Icon Function How to edit Comments
Button image.png Insert image [[Image:abc.png]] First upload the image using the “Upload file” button in the tool box on the left hand side. Use the same file name in the command as the one uploaded.
Aligning an image [[Image:abc.png | right]] followed by the word right, left or centre depending on where you want the image to appear
Framed image [[Image:abc.png | frame]] followed by the word frame
Caption [[Image:abc.png | Picture 1: Abc]] followed by the caption
Button media.png Insert media [[Media:abc.ogg]] First upload the file using the “Upload file” button in the tool box on the left hand side. Use the same file name in the command as the one uploaded.


Icon Function How to edit What it looks like Comments
Button nowiki.png Ignore wiki formatting <nowiki>abc '''[[Bold text]]'''</nowiki> abc '''^^Bold text]]'''
Button sig.png Sign talk comments (with time stamp) ~~~~ Deroiste 12:39, 5 July 2011 (CEST) This is useful when leaving comments on the discussions pages.

<ref> </ref>



Include [2] starting where you want the number of the reference to appear in the article.

  1. See reference
  2. followed by the text to be included in the reference followed by
at the end of the document to create an automatic list of the references included in the article.
Category [[Category:abc]]

This function identifies where the article is placed in the hierarchical structure of the wiki.

Rating {{#jskitrating:view=score}} {{#jskitrating:view=score}} This function allows the reader to rate the article either positively or negatively.
At the beginning of the page to include a category tree <categorytree mode=pages style="float:right; clear:right; margin-left:1ex; border:1px solid gray; padding:0.7ex; background-color:white;">Name of article</categorytree> This function creates a box on the right hand side showing the structure and contents of the category in which the article is placed.