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It was published in Italy UNI TR 11542 on World Class Manufacturing and integration of safety in production processes. It is believed that the WCM approach to security management can be a harbinger of interesting developments as The World Class Manufacturing is a system for the integrated management of all aspects of production of a business organization based on improving efficiency.

A systematic and integrated approach to the different aspects of production business, which management solution suggested by WCM, you can make choices aimed at global objectives and thus maximize results obtainable. In this vision, the management of all aspects of Health and Safety at Work (SSL) is an integral part of the normal management of production.

The UNI TR 11542 is intended to provide the basic information for the start of the transformation process management productive organization focusing precisely on the aspects of Health and Safety at Work (SSL), as key elements for the development of human resources call to make a decisive contribution to the growth of the organization. Some companies that have introduced and implemented the WCM claim to have obtained significant advantages and benefits in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of its processes, especially in terms of production and economic.

At the base of the WCM is the full involvement of all staff, crucial to the success of the model, which is called to play a proactive role, by promoting improvement proposals, using and enhancing their experience and skills.

A constructive approach and profitable corporate life can be achieved only by motivated staff who feels protected by the organization and that feels itself architect convinced of this protection. And 'from this that comes the need to exploit the decisive importance of SSL that, in this view, is not a performance to be respected under the laws, but a strategic management which is the basis of the reduction of costs, improving production, competitive development and progress of human resources and contributing to the assumption of social responsibilities of the organization.

The standard provides organizations that intend to increase the competitiveness of production at World Class, a contribution to the improvement of OSH through a process that involves the integration between the various elements responsible for reducing accidents and occupational diseases and the management model targeted to improve overall efficiency and continuous organization. This improvement is reflected not only in compliance with the mandatory requirements of SSL, but also in the introduction of organizational elements and innovative steps to implement the minimum levels of security for workers and stakeholders to the reality of the organization (stakeholders). This integration allows, however, to reduce effectively and simultaneously the economic impact of inefficiencies both in OSH and in other fields of activity of the organization.

However, however, are to be seen whether the signs of the standard, which concern only one of the pillars of WCM, namely safety, can be effectively applied and integrated with a corporate act not as strictly regulated.

In addition, many indications have to be verified in practice and, although the standard carry-attached numerous operational tools, should be verified the compatibility with, for example, the standardized procedures for risk assessment and / or with the simplified procedures for the implementation of an organizational and management model pursuant to Art. 30 of the d. lgs. 81 (UE directive 89/391/CE) in SMEs.


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